Sunday, August 2, 2009

Ringworm From A Tatoo

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Das erste mal


Whether the first time hurt? Of course, but not until the next morning. It is April, a very warm day for this month and it is the day after my confirmation. I open my eyes and see the first an all-engaging Okka.
I realize as I try to lift my head that I am on Okka color border tiles which lie stuck to my sweaty cheek. I'm lying in front of a panoramic terrace door, perfectly framed by impacting on me sunshine. We have no Okka-colored tiles, and certainly no panoramic terrace door. Before I can actually notice only because of the overwhelming evidence that I am not at home am, I know the area well known to me from this perspective foreign to me. The elegant dining room
swanky establishment. The huge table, almost a plaque with the solid wood upholstered chairs, which could be two thrones for kings, with their escalating arms and integrated carvings. I remember how many times we as children were afraid that these chairs have visible scars from it if they have fallen while playing.
I lie there and wonder what kind of wood this facility will be, my cheek still stuck on the tile too warm and I weigh whether it is the wood is walnut, wenge or mahogany is even. I still do not know. I should ask Chris tomorrow. However, it might also seem inappropriate. Let's see if the subject wood is perhaps somehow I knew even how. Whatever, back to my younger, I still drunk.

I'm on the floor in the dining room of the house Palweißer. Christian Palweißer, only son of the family and thus the sole heir of the family business, which may live to be not comparable to that of the family Danone, Bayer or the like, but enough money is killing a life in a sophisticated wealth, is one of my best friends.
Christian's family produces and sells padlocks, sometimes even internationally. They are not ABUS have but still some considerable success. They recognize the logo when they see it, this P in the central points of the Webern Looks almost like a family coat of arms that could be played on a plate.
I went to Christian together in primary school, even in the same class and since then we have been friends. The Christian was richer than the rest of us, family Palweißer had the only house in the area and what one, we noticed first on the fact they had a pantry, in which there was a whole shelf full of candy.
children wealth is not defined by the size of the house, but the fact that one always has when you want something sweet. One might almost say, dass für Kinder Schokolade, Weingummi und Kekse denselben Stellenwert haben wie Haus, Auto und Partner für ausgewachsene Menschen. Vielleicht wäre alles besser, wenn wir dieses Stadium nie verlassen hätte. Obwohl wir dann wahrscheinlich aufgrund ihrer Schokoladenvorkommen Belgien angreifen würden und Resolutionen gegen Massenbrokkoli-Anbau verabschieden würden.

Hab ich schon erwähnt, dass ich auf dem Boden liege? Ja, tu ich immer noch. Meine Haare haben nichts mehr von ihrer, Haarwachs sei dank, stacheligen Igelform, sondern kleben voll gesogen mit einer Mischung aus Schweiß, Stylingwachs und Dreck, wie ein speckiger Helm an meinem Schädel.
Ich setzte mich auf. Das weiße Propagandhi T-Shirt, welches ich nach dem kirchlichen Kram schnell mit dem Hemd austauschte, ist undefinierbar Fleckig und sollte bis zu seinem schrecklichen Unfall den es erleiden wird, nie wieder richtig sauber werden. Ein riesiger Sangriafleck befindet sich auf Bauchnabelhöhe, während der Kragen eine braungelbe Fleckenkombination aufweist, die verdächtig nach Erbrochenem riecht. Als ich eine für Männer typische „nach dem aufwachen“ Kratzhandlung vollziehen will, bemerke ich, dass meine Anzughose einen Riss direkt in meinem Schritt hat.
Beim betrachten dieses Gadrobenmassakers durchfährt ein schrecklicher Schmerz meinen Kopf, ein Pochen hinter der Stirn schwillt stark an und dann wieder ab, ohne mich aber ganz zu verlassen. Ich schau mich careful, there are a couple of bottles on the dining table, my shoes to my right, only my jacket seems gone and Chris is no trace. Slowly I get up wavering, the pounding in my head swells up again painful and I do I have to try hard not to fall again.
sedate I move through the huge dining room, with the aid of various pieces of furniture hangel I to the beginning of the spiral staircase that leads upwards and thus Christians rooms.
When I put the first foot on the stair, I feel it now but my priorities are set differently and kick their way first into the bathroom to the ground floor, guest WC. Palweißers have a guest WC and a family, the family has a bidet but no urinals, although both have enough money and space were available, which I think shows quite clearly who really wears the pants in the house Palweißer.
When I throw into the bathroom door open, and at first glance to me two things simultaneously clear. First, that the spots actually on my T-shirt collar, and generates the puke puke puke more. Violence begets violence and creates vomit resubmit.
I still wonder why I made it because last night to the bathroom, but puked on the front of the toilet Plüschvorleger have when I am sitting next to me already and me and the rest the world proves that I am capable of myself without collateral damage and pass accurately.

After I had removed my ejections I think after enough and I missed a water faucet shower, I walk soaking wet Christian's room. The fine gentleman Palweißer lies naked on his sofa, probably are the reasons why he was not in his empty bed is and I puked in the bathroom on the rug the same, an eye makes on as I open the door and hisses me a quiet, babbling "värpüss pönnen up, I Wüller" too. I shrug my shoulders, stagger down the stairs again, I grab a can of Coke and a Snickers bar from the Pantry and I'm on the way home.

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