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How Long Does Neutragena Mist Last

blackout Part 4 Part 3

"Those who walk through the darkness need to see the light!"


At each funeral,
there is a good laugh at least

a real bang
Kettcar - mainly faith

As on the day of our confirmation, we are in lined up and link in this church, this time in the second rather than in the first row. In the first are Leppert family members. As the priest, his Klitschko ended the same inlet, silenced the terrible organ and all sat down.
I look to the left of me, Christian, David and Bollo . As before, we are again, gathered together to prove only this time around the fourth in our league last respects.
We are hypocrites, we are here because you are confined to funerals when a friend dies, even if you have a friend for years no longer called a friend and he is really just gone out of their way.
When I turn around I see more people from the past, actually mark e I all sitting here, even some primary school mates that since then nothing more to Leppert to do had been published . This Beerdingungstourismus makes me angry, I would like to yell and tell them that as a bigger hypocrite we are. I'm obviously too cowardly or too well educated, you studied a lot. Because of my anger, the helplessness that I feel and the sadness over Hagen Leppert my tears to the eyes.
I pull myself together, make me realize that I can immediately crowned king of the hypocrites if I now begin to whine. Then only thing missing that I embrace after the coffin when it is lowered into the grave, "WHY? WHY ONLY! "Scream.
If I'm honest, I'm rather sad for selfish motives. All this scares me, yes to Hagen Hagen is not only dead but also a part of our youth will bury any story that has turned Leppert (actually it has all called by his last name), each Party to which he was present, every beer I drank with him, is buried here now using. I feel sick, my stomach Ver - and relaxes itself. Even at the funeral of a former friend, my own being is the focus.
Leppert even before I had only a maximum of two times a year seen again, until you then lose all sight.
I take a deep breath and look back to that bulky wooden crate in the middle of the room in a now my former best friends from childhood - and teenage content.

I had since I escaped puberty am, I'm not the way fast enough, they get me every short skirt and after a few beers back in, no best friend.
Who has a best friend, so is designed to enforce a Ranking . Where there is a number one, it has a number two will otherwise make bulleted lists, and so does not make sense and where will we end it all? Then you measure the best friend status by the actions of this has taken place? Totally absurd the whole thing.
is no less absurd, certainly in the best sense of the word, at least; I always had several best friends. There were only three categories of people I have met. Strangers, acquaintances, friends. In women there were of course also potential partners for sex or love (or something similar), and potentially most cases this means that I want to but never would have stood a chance. As men talk
fortunately never on such classifications, I have always been spared certain divisions to justify. As a friend I'm a man that is considered very late, this was quite a bit of time spent and needed sympathy and if I'm honest, I'm a pretty bitter bastard, I do not like many people but for this much.

Die bisher meiste Zeit meines Lebens war mein Freundeskreis sieben Leute stark. Vier Kerle, drei Damen.
Trotz meiner von Misserfolg geprägten Vergangenheit in Sachen Liebe, Vietnam war nichts gegen mein wiederholtes glorreiches Scheitern, konnte ich schon immer gut mit Frauen umgehen. Ich konnte mich immer gut mit ihnen unterhalten, hab meistens verstanden worauf sie hinauswollten und was sie gerne hören würden. Obwohl ich eindeutig Qualitäten auf diesem kommunikativen Gebieten aufwies, ich würde mich tatsächlich als Frauenversteher bezeichnen, war ich nie fähig damit eine Frau zu gewinnen. Ich war der klischeehafte männliche Freund und bin es immer noch, wenn man es genau nimmt. Der mit dem man sich gar could not imagine what to do because he is like a brother for one. Or even better, like a sister.
Wow, thanks for the ego of a man pushing yes really. I believe it was thought that even Bo Diddley in I `am a man when he sings:

" All you pretty women ,
stand in line ,
I can make love to you baby , in
hour to 's time.

There's really nothing better for a woman that you look straight up and down look at that smile and you really find Mezedhes, tell you that they in anyone at the party to which you are straight, has a crush. I have found it for me when you tell women who they are in a crush, with whom they want or like to sleep with you totally objectively and flirt without talking about sex you've lost. The worst thing is, once you cross this line once, you're forever on the other side.
This is not always bad, I like to have friends and some will miss no more, but for me it is impossible for a woman must dig to have failed without entering either completely or to be their friend. But I and
Women, this is an issue which it later is still work up.

I am torn from my reverie. The priest , a small thin man whose hair Model is well described as a sports field with hedge begins with a perverse artificial grieving undertone in the voice of his sermon.
likely he's doing all right but I have just problems with churches, pastors, prayer, chanting the and all that stuff.
This priest is still a single figure of fun, it works like a parody of a pastor and to have that voice, a hysterical fit of laughter, a blurring of the boundaries of the variety between laughter and tears threatening to me. I take a deep breath, my mouth had little control, but just as I have look around for a way out of here as soon as possible to come, I win again by the text.
I'll get more air time staring at the coffin, imagine my dead friend before this in order to distribute any urge to laugh, I devote my attention back to the speaker.
"Dear brethren, we are gathered here around the body of John Hagen Leppert to hand over the earth and say goodbye to his soul. Here I would like from the book of Isaiah chapter . 9 read from verse 1 "

" The people in the dark converts have seen a great light, and they that dwell in the land dark, it seems hell are you doing a lot of the people ... "I gasp, my pupils dilate, I am struggling for breath, the laughter comes back and I know this time I can not stop him. The pastor turns in my mind's eye in Harvey Keitel which Jacob Fuller in "From Dusk till Dawn “ spielt. Ich springe mitten in der Predigt auf, Jacob verstummt für einen kurzen Moment und setzt dann seine Predigt fort. Ich sehe ihn, einen Baseballschläger und eine Schrotflinte zu einem improvisierten Kruzifix gebastelt, wie er einem Vampir nach dem anderen ins Gesicht schiesst und sagt „Die, die durch die Dunkelheit schreiten, müssen DAS LICHT SEHEN“ Bäm , der nächste Vampir kippt um und ich stolpere aus der Sitzreihe in den Mittelgang der Kirche, mir entwischt ein Lachen welches hoffentlich auch als Schluchzen interpretiert werden kann, höre noch das Flüstern einiger alter Damen in den hinteren Reihen and throw myself out of the great double doors.
I start to giggle louder, jump inelegant a small hedge, lean on the church building and laugh. My tears run down the cheek of which I am not sure whether it results from laughing. My laughter is indeed roaring loud, but so noisy that I troubled myself before that as it swells again . I sacks with his back to the church wall on the lawn. My laughter is louder, and then falls silent again. Pumped full of endorphins apathetic I smile to myself when I once again the whining sound of the pastor's hearing, which continues his sermon. My stomach becomes a lead ball and even before I see it, I hope for a miracle. Miracles are today, DDR weeks in Wonderland, in front of me on one of the huge stained glass windows of the church opened ... follows

Continued ...


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