Monday, August 17, 2009

Resort Casual Definition

It `sa Long Way Home


we were the first who came to the last

were bewildered by the Impressions
Kettcar - Drunk

at all I think as I my black slippers dressed, look in the mirror if the tie is in place and whether the white shirt is too much drawn from my stomach affected. I remember my tape that I recently had yet to move into the hand, it was my favorite tape and spent more time in my Walkman as Courtney Love in rehab. I can not swear to it but I'm strongly believe that the tape I also heard from Chris when I went from home. My Walkman I had in any case here, without whom I am gone nowhere, even as all were busy already then Discman Mini Disc MP3 players and the first prototype.

The Coke is warm and does not taste very good, but enjoy I touched every single drop of liquid sugar of my furry tongue and running down my greedy throat. The Snickers I dispose of halfway and that's really not my style

The sun rays are a single "Fuck You" in my face, as if the world I say: "It's a beautiful day, all doing it great, Not only is it good for you and so am suffering a drunkard, suffer.. And I'm not really good. My knees are shaking, sweat dripping from my forehead and still runs through my head when I turn my gaze for a bit. It comes in front of you as if you turn your head faster than you can handle it.
Despite my headache habe ich den Walkman natürlich auf Anschlag aufgedreht, wenn man 13 ist und rebellische Musik hört, ist das wichtigste das alle anderen wissen das du rebellische Musik hörst.
Der Toxoplasma Sänger grölt in mein Ohr „ … Danke für meine Arbeitsstelle. Danke für jeden neuen Tag. Danke für die Neutronen Bombe. Danke für jedes Attentat. Danke für den Zweiten Weltkrieg. Danke...“. Trotz der Qualen die ich durchlebe und die nur jemand nachvollziehen kann der auch schon einmal so richtig verkatert war, lächele ich. Ichfühle mich verändert und der Welt, welche mich immer noch verhöhnt, überlegen.
Ich war betrunken. Tatsächlich war ich betrunken und bin es wahrscheinlich noch. Obwohl der Weg von den Palweißers bis zu meinem Zuhause nur einige hundert Meter lang ist und maximal 10 Minuten dauert, hat diese Reise etwas besonderes für mich, einen symbolischen Wert, damals schon. Ich habe im Streit über meine Mutter gesiegt, habe jeden Alkohol getrunken den ich die Finger bekam, eine Zigarette geraucht (das erste und letzte Mal) und habe, soweit ich mich erinnere, sogar mehrere Minuten mit Saskia gesprochen. Sie ist in meiner Konfirmationsgruppe und auf meiner Realschule in einer Parallelklasse. Sie ist das erste Mädchen, welches mich auf eine primitive, direkte und für das Alter typische Weise interessiert.
Ich will mit ihr Körperflüssigkeiten austauschen. Dabei ist es erstmal egal, ob man nur a little rum makes everything right or if I get out of my wet dreams, is important only used it to get something. In the first place she likes me, the rest is then given by itself. I can still remember that we talked about music, everything I do not know, I hope I was charming and had left an impression.
I wonder where my jacket seriously indeed slow, but it will surface again. Toxoplasma are detached from Slime and I turn into my street. My six years older brother just leaving our house and want to get into his car when he saw me.
'age, make yourself for what, Mom and Dad are anything but in a good mood thanks to you, "he warns me, smiling. In view of our kitchen window and the reassurance that my mother is watching I let me help him my memory to refresh something, though I remember once to have been short at home while we were all on the way to our already published 3 to relocate hour-long binge in the garden of Christian, but I can not yet explain why my parents should be so mad at me.
I knew that the shoe debacle will have consequences, but that would be covered. "You're homecoming came and it was just dark, eight or nine clock you, neatly down the hall from the left measured to the right said, du wolltest noch was holen und hast dich im Flur erstmal richtig auf die Fresse gelegt. Dabei hat Mutter dann so einige Gras, Wein und was weiß ich was für Flecken auf deinem Jackett bemerkt und war schon stinksauer und hat dich gebeten um eins zuhause zu sein, was eine Ausnahme sei, wegen deiner Konfirmation und so.“ Okay, das änderte die Sachlage natürlich und das nicht unbedingt zu meinen Gunsten.
Mein Bruder steigt lachend in sein Auto und fährt davon, während ich langsam auf die Tür zusteuere.

Ich wühle in den Kartons, die ich innerhalb von 2 Wochen nicht geschafft habe im Keller zu verstauen und suche nach dieser drecks Kassette. Ich hatte die doch letztens erst in der Hand und habe extra noch thought that I must lie down somewhere where I can find it again. However, if I did, I do not remember. My new suit pants
entfusselte looped over my carpet never sucked and crumpled, but all that does not interest me, I look at the clock. I still have 10 minutes to find this damn tape. Then I have to go in any case. I look at a talk that the tape is not only a cheap reason to postpone the trip and join the first box ransacked angry and cursing aside.

Oh fuck, what you want now? Why do we resolve this now has to, I do not understand. I think to myself, while my parents are sitting in the kitchen my father's role as an evil-looking lighted cigarette smoking does, I often wonder if Chris Carter in the role of the CSM also by his father for inspiration and my mother yelling in a tone that lies somewhere between scolding and whining.
"The jacket is hence, forget it. The spots never go out again. "" But ... "I try to smash. "And what should turn up the crap that you here actually drunk as a thousand Russians and you also allow us to give a promise to that you do not think you are?"
"Is that ..." I try to explain to me when I interrupted again am.
"As we make a quick exception for you because you are confirmed ..", where "we" are and "you" of course, extremely stressed, "... and you leave a few liberties, can you even drink alcohol, so we go to prison may come .... "
"But .."
"... and you will thank us so, see to it that you get into bed and forget not to shower, you stink like an old drunkard."
of a fair trial can not speak, but I thank you once again at this moment that my parents do not think much of penalties since I'm from the infancy out. Hanging his head, and light Tears in my eyes, I always like crying when my parents yell at me even when I am in the right feel, I disappear into the bathroom.

damned piss, I'm already 20 minutes later than I wanted to go, but I got the damn thing. I knock the lint from my pants, I threw on my jacket and run down to the car. My cell phone vibrates, Christian's turn and ask where I stay, I always wanted to have him picked up. I confirm that I am on the way, I'll throw in my car and ... what now? Will I really out there? I consider myself in the rearview mirror, I am moderately shaved my hair, which more and more on my growing Stirn zurückweichen, sind zu einem strengen Zopf gebunden. Ich stelle mir mich mit meiner Frisur vor 15 Jahren vor und muss dabei lächeln. Ich muss irgendwann das Tape eingelegt haben, es laufen die Goldenen Zitronen mit dem Forever Young Cover Für immer Punk: „ Es ist jetzt vorbei und es war doch schön, wir blieben gern hier doch wir müssen nun gehen. Alles hat mal ein Ende weiß doch jeder von euch, auf wieder sehen…“ Ich sehe wie mein Gesicht im Innenspiegel in sich zusammenfällt, dann verschwimmt meine Sicht, ich wisch mir mit dem Ärmel über die Augen und starte den Motor.

Fortsetzung folgt...


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