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Can Drinking Cause Gallbladder Attacks

blackout Part 7 a)



It's just after nine clock in the morning, I sit while I wait for Bollo, on the steps of a bank building, above my head in a window hangs a giant poster.
appears in them, the typical picture-book family. She is blonde and beautiful with a captivating smile, he dark-haired with blue eyes met, will embrace both a child, blond and blue eyed and so absurdly cute that I think about a paving stone to scrape the sidewalk around him in the visage of this small Werbehure to . throw The family of the year is: "Make it for yourself and the ones they are really important. If they are debt free, even today. Cheap loans for a worry-free Leben.“. Angewidert drehe ich mich wieder nach vorne und starre die Straße entlang und halte Ausschau nach dem Auto meines Freundes.
Immer mehr Menschen gehen an mir vorbei und lassen es sich nicht nehmen mich detailliert zu begutachten, als wüssten sie ganz genau, dass ich gestern sagen wir mal, einen Totalausfall hatte. Die Gedanken an den vorherigen Tag und vor allem Abend, schiebe ich so weit weg von mir wie nur möglich, ich starre jetzt den Leuten die mich angaffen ebenfalls ins Gesicht und merke wieder wie ich sinnlos aggressiv werde. Ich bin kein gewalttätiger Mensch und komm mir jetzt nicht mit der Weinflasche und Chris, ich steigere mich nur gern in etwas rein, es befriedigt mich auf eine perverse Weise wenn ich mich über jemanden upset because the same time confirmed that I am different and better than the target of my hatred.
gape Why the flipping idiot standing around me all like that? Well, I am perhaps a bit scruffy look finished and out, my hair is greasy and my jacket dirty and full-... oh fuck.
I get up from the steps and walk as close with my face against the boy grimace that I must look like a pedophile just be the equivalent of Scarlett Johansson has seen. At last I see my reflection floating on the face of the boy in the disk. My whole chin is caked with blood, blood on my cheeks and my forehead are signs of a big bump. Damn. I forgot to wash myself in the area, no wonder all the monkeys to stare so I look like I had my face this morning held in a fan.
I want to consider just how to get well to a water tap and a mirror, when someone sticks his fingers gently into the page. "Hey, Benny, like ..." begins the formal expression of Tanya, as I turn around and discovered the accident was the time my face. "Oh God, how do you look for?". I look at closely, not able to bring out a word. She looks stunning. She was never the thinnest but she is hell good, she has long curly almost black hair, is even smaller than I, 1.65 m and has a smile when they Ausstrahlung die mich um den Verstand bringt. Ich sehe ihre kleine Narbe am Kinn, die hat sie von einem Schwimmbadunfall, als ein Junge sie auf den Beckenrand geschubst hat, das hat sie mir bei unserer ersten Verabredung erzählt.
Bitte nicht sie und nicht jetzt. Ich blicke aus Selbstschutz auf den Boden.
Seit sie die Scheidung eingereicht hat ist sie meiner Meinung nach noch hübscher geworden. Ist das nur, weil ich sie nicht mehr haben kann? Oder ist sie einfach glücklicher seitdem sie mich nicht mehr am Hals hat und wirkt daher attraktiver, ich weiß es nicht, ich glaube beides.
„Hallo? Ist alles okay?“. „Hey, weißt du was“ sage ich mit zitternder Stimme und den Blick starr auf meine Schuhe fixed, "it just does not work. Let's talk another time. ". I put my hands in the pockets of my jacket and walk past her. "Wait times, just hold me what's the matter?". She holds me gently by the arm. I catch myself emotionally a little, take a deep breath and decide to be honest, sometimes that's the best way, most actually. "Tanya is that just talk the worst possible time for me to just you." I smile a little.
"What happened?" She asks again, as if she had not heard what I was saying. "Oh, we had another drink after the funeral and there was a bit of trouble with a few other types "you can not always be honest," nothing earth shattering. But thanks for your sms, I was very pleased, "I smile again. can you eyed me more than critical, if anyone knows how well I lie, then. "Aha, you see, but from really bad, you were in the hospital?". "I'm just on my way out, Bollo picks me up and takes care of me." "Will you come just from the pub or what? You still stuck around blood on his face, I would wash myself in your place, eh first before I go to the hospital. "
" I will, I do, but pretty, I have to really go ". When their eyes get bigger, I realized what I said. Now it's too late to comment on this yet. I draw an imaginary hat and walk down the street, coming in the direction from which would Bollo. She remains behind me and says softly, "do well".

It's Saturday. I started my training already and am just with regular heavy drinking the whole weekend. We will all meet at Chris to start a pub crawl. The boys have all extremely drunk yesterday and are posted accordingly. I had to work yesterday to 22 clock and was not able to celebrate and have all the hotter now catch up.
I am animal on the pub crawl. In our small town we have no choice if we want to do something. The Rock on has now closed and no one has to take great pleasure in the nearest big city, so we rattle all the pubs within the series after.
When I arrive at Chris, the group is much larger than expected. An American exchange student named Henry, from Christian and David's school is to learn the German Saufkultur. As exchange students, particularly Americans, are always very great popularity, because the group has grown immensely. From planned six people have now become twelve. I did not know the people are also two women who care intensely about Henry, translate and explain everything to him.
I grab the names on the two girls, Tanya and Jasmine, but I do not know who is who.
I sit down with a freshly opened beer to the large dark wooden table in the dining room Palweißschen. Since I now feel a bit foreign and do not know exactly what to do about the so-called ice with strangers to break, I sat next to me with Bollo and start talking to him. We sit at the end of the table the rest of the group over. He and I have always had a talent to isolate us and to create in the macrocosm of the group a microcosm of our own discussion. While I
enjoyable drink the first sips of beer, just put half the bottle, I look more closely at the two girls. One of the girls looks incredibly nice, she smiles a lot and just has a candid look. The other lady does not look so happy.
puts you immediately on an artificial smile when someone speaks, nods and smiles at the right places, but as soon as it devotes more attention to no one, it looks like they would now prefer different everywhere, not just here. How to distract herself, she has intervened repeatedly in the interview with the exchange student, also not as good without the playing mood. I am amazed at the fact how well they can just switch. It's like changing the TV transmitter, there is currently, Grease and chop, on the other stations Schindler's List.
will slow me watching my discomfort and I turn back the full interview with Bollo, which just tells me his lack of understanding about which an American was so goddamn interesting. In fact, any call to the elongated cone-shaped table at Henry has directed. All except Bollo and I, who sit across from him, follow the Henry's comments and look in his direction.

When I emptied three to four beers together all the decision that it was now time to strike out and the tour to officially start.
We go to several rows of three stones and the public road in the direction of first Bars along. Some, who were earlier with Chris than I have already been quite open. I am quite right in a row and Chris Leppert and listen with the ear facing away from them Walkman. While I play for Me First and the Gimme Gimmes their cover version of Walking on Sunshine in mono, without the characteristic bass, I always drink the foam from my pint bottle Wolters. I like beer, really, and especially bottled beer, but it's not meant to drink it in motion.
apart from the fact that it has become for us just before that one with his bottle bottom of the bottle with the holes of the other person proposes to him to animate because of the bubble over to drink, it's real corrosive beer bottles to use as Wegproviant. But cans are much more suitable.
I open my mouth and just wants to verbalize my thoughts, as Leppert on the girls walking in front of us showing Henry have in their midst and says, "is now one of them along with Ami?" "One of those" asked Chris? blankly. together, "Well, how do you say it, but both are-... er ... fissile material, since one must still ask again." "No, no, both to him, although ostensibly paves what is between him and Jasmine. ".
I listen to the conversation and I try still to make clear which girl is which. I can not ask for fear I would be accused, I would be interested to know specifically for one of the two. And of course that is nonsense I am with two equally curious.
Hm, jasmine sounds southern, dark-haired, but both are seen not as the other from southern.
"I hate this city, I watch you on that, it's Saturday night and there is not a pig!" Leppert begins to give a speech, which reminds me of Mel Gibson discreetly in Braveheart. He speaks of dying as our small industrial town , as all students move away, because we do not have a university, as here, then just uneducated proles run around and it is up to us to bring even a few years of life here. We need the youth center even invite local bands to persuade our friends to celebrate not always go away and come here regularly, especially if we move away. This is our town, because it increases a bit clean and the should, they must remain so. He recognizes himself in the melodrama of his speech jumps, inelegant on a park bench on which we pass and yells "And now drunk, we drink!".

I sit with Bollo top of a hill above our view Place at night here is not called Bumsparkplatz. On the way here we have hardly spoken, Bollo is sitting next to me on the bench and rotate just the bag ready. He holds out the perfect shot through years of practice and I joint it to ignite.
I prefer strong, take a deep breath and again, reminds me of the draft back to the painful broken tooth. Smoke rises before us. I am Non smoking and the tobacco alone makes my head heavy, the effect of ganja does the rest. When I pass the bag to him Bollo looks at me, smiling. "Dude, you look so ready, can also have turned to short wash with me." "Oh, now is also matter.. " We sit side by side
taciturn. We have, as usual for male friendships, never talked about our feelings or the like. I know that he cares about me for days and this is what happened to the best, no matter how much shit I build Bollo has always understood me anyway.
I take up all my courage, my tongue is not modified by the THC eased a bit, also seems to me the whole situation no longer quite so catastrophic. "Leppert family has not said anything? Because of my ... "I'm looking for the right word" ... mishap? ". He begins to grin, grinning like someone who indeed equal to the electric chair comes but once again get to hear a really good joke. A kind of gallows humor.
'mishap? You're good, I would call it a disaster. "He plays the joint. I breathe deeply and hold down the voice answered: "What can I help it if the priest looks like the last idiot and they'll throw around with movie quotes. He just looks at me confused and then replied to my original question. "They were understandably not enthusiastic, however, was by far the most pissed-off Chris, the family and so were more confused and shocked." It fits. My bad conscience comes back like a steam roller and travels through my intestines. "Yes, I've noticed with Chris." Again I looked questioningly at Bollo, but this time waiting for a response. "What do you think why I look like finished?". "I just did you get the cops in your hair?". "But only after Chris and I ... - ... have come to blows.". Bollo
I tell how I am after my departure from the funeral to the bank, had withdrawn 120 euros and then started by our old local bar pull, like me Christian in the Irish pub and took the fight.
I wonder briefly if I let the Lambruscoflasche fall under the table, but the sooner he learns or later anyway. His eyes are bigger than me as I tell him before Chris had to pull the bottle over his head and he takes a deep train, the bag is almost up smoking. When I started waking up at the police station end, he looks at me, grinning slightly, he has slightly reddened eyes of the joint and the first time I realize how old he has become. "What is the matter with you?" He asks me directly. "I do not know, not really. The events have somehow hit the thing with Tanya, Leppert death, the funeral. This is me get out of control. ". He looks at me long, he knows any more what to say as I say and then: "I think I build one or more". I just listen to myself, I'm really much too tight. "Yes, good idea."

The evening rushes past me. We are already in the fourth shop, it's just become one and the first casualties. The American, Henry, who, incidentally, all non-Bollo made a nice impression and that it may not only because he hardly speaks a word of English
goes, along with several other lesser-known faces of the home.
We have it filled as it should be. Including some jokes at his expense. It's just clean fun if someone with an American accent a waitress asks: "Do they have a thick tail?". Prepubescent? Yes, but to throw away comic.
backwardness is now my beloved group of three including the two girls that I can now also assign particular. I've also found out that Jasmine, the lady seemed so appealing at first, a rather convinced of himself aunt, with which one can no longer talk than four minutes without having to then suppress the urge to strangle them.
She was also an exchange student, but in America and decorates her sentences with English words for their multilingual needs to be underlined. "Especially all the Boys in Los Angeles are more than just cute, really sexy guys over there, no comparison to German men. ". Oh God, yes, then you make yourself popular determined at a table with four types.
I propose times to push a shot are in between, what will be replied with a silly pun, unified head shaking. Only Tanya, who is sitting on me once before and is shown in only Schindler's List, asks me what I wanted to drink it. "Jägermeister? Tequila? I do not care. ". She decides to Jägermeister and ordered two. I notice that Chris looks quite ready, he still sipping his first beer in the store and does more than just tired. David is already quite full, for his means nothing special, but he also tends to like to go earlier. Even Bollo makes a poor situation and slowly I feel captures the fear that maybe soon they all want to go home. Chris
I cut my elbow slightly in the side and ask him to drink liquor, so the engine gets up to speed. He rejects grunting.
arrive in time for the master hunter, says Chris, now that his last beer (still his first) is, today would not go there much. And the avalanche begins. David agrees that he make the same on the way and would Bollo gets so even his last bus, which travels in Jasmin's direction (and hopefully through to hell). I try with a last appeal: "This is now not your fucking serious right? Looking forward me all day drinking again and you make to a slack while I'm just struck again. Come, little is still. Bollo can kip for me too ... "he shakes his head immediately," ... I have no desire to drink alone and stop further I will not. ".
"I do not count? I will also not go home. ". I look at Tanya blinked. "Then let it go the other people home if they think that they can not." Did she just ripped Jasmin? I can not believe my ears. I smile at her and hold her against my Jägermeister. "I'm here." We raise our glasses and while I drink the herbal liquor pisswarmen, I see the puzzled look jasmine, she has not been figured that she was being mocked, but has no idea how it will react.

We have smoked the second bag almost without speaking. After it burned down Bollo asks me what I intended now. "Showering is high on my list." "I think because of the Leppert and Chris," says seriously Bollo. "I do not know you, not the least. Can you apologize for something with the family? ". "Can I will not say I do not know how "he takes my last hope. "Did you leave?" I ask. "Yeah, why?". "We could drink beer with me two or three tonight or something to smoke. Maybe watch a movie? ". "No, I must digest the whole first will, do anything, I'll drive you right to your cart and then I'll go back kip."
I do not want to be alone today, can not say it but also because such acts that? He also said that he wants to be alone, so I would impose only like a whining idiot. However, I am more than uncomfortable to be sitting at the thought alone in my new apartment.
"'s true, sleep little I would also do well." Sage, I played with a relaxed tone.

continued (the chapter goes on) follows ...


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