Friday, January 1, 2010 Sibutramin

tear film part 10 b)

A chorus of voices that drunk "Old as a tree" to sing is what I hear, as I slowly wake up. My neck is tense and hurt by the hard wooden bench on which I have held in Jessica's winter garden a little power nap. Leppert sitting opposite me with a grin wider than any cat out of the Wonderland ever could. "Hey look, so fresh like a spring morning." When I try to answer, I noticed again until I'm totally full. Instead of a clever retort, coming out of my Throat a slightly bubbling groan.
After I set up myself and was able to successfully prevent the winter garden full of vomit, my speech center collects slowly. With not quite open my eyes, I ask, "What time?". Leppert brightens his cell phone. "Shortly after three. Incidentally, we have as always done everything right. The vodka is empty and half of the assistants here are already home. "I support the arms on the table in front of me and put his head in my hands. I breathe deeply again to cope, as I look up to me Leppert pushes for another beer, which with the condensation on the bottle looks too tempting to not to drink it. While I drink, Leppert pushes me under the table with his foot and whispers to me "Now we make you something clear," to.
I look at him blankly and think it is complete madness because I have no idea what that means. He looks intently at the label of his bottle and says, "Do you think she is really so great? I mean she is quite cute but you talk so of her as if she were Julia and thou Romeo "" What the ... "I open interrupts my mouth when I was Tanya's beautiful voice that is heard behind me." Who will be who mad? ". Despite my drunkenness, I realize Leppert's purpose. I kick him as hard as I can against his shin, but he did not even flinch.
With a smug smile he says: "Oh hi, so I know somebody pretty drunk who finds you, I think pretty cool. At least he speaks only for ages from you. "I will suddenly red and rigid even now staring at my bottle of view, I can now in any case. My brain tried to work on a plan to divert the dilemma anyway. No chance, I'm too drunk and can only think about how I beat Leppert now with my fist into his grinning face would. I would only stop bashing him when ... "Oh, okay." She says without which I would be able to somehow interpret. Ich bin gefickt und nicht auf die gute Weise. „Och Ben, nun sag doch auch mal was, eben warst du auch nicht so mundfaul“ Du bist Tot Leppert, Mausetot, wenn ich dich erwische…“ Was hast du denn gesagt?“ fragt sie mich sanft und legt mir dabei eine Hand in den Nacken. Ich erschaudere angenehm unter ihrer Berührung.
Ich hab keine Wahl, Flucht nach vorn. Alle zurückgelegten Brücken abbrennen. Was hab ich zu verlieren? Jetzt ist eh alles im Arsch. Und wenn ich schon abtrete dann mit einer Pyro-Show. Kein Platz mehr für Feigheit, kein Raum für Scham. Ich drehe mich um und sehe sie an. Ich schau in ihre Augen. Ich glaube einen Moment lang, dass ich das einfach nicht kann, kein Wort rausbekommen werde. I'm talking as if by itself, even during the first few words as to Leppert and smiles knowingly down at me as he leaves us alone.
I say this to a minimum reduced drunk mumbling:
"I've said that you are really beautiful. I mean, I know that's cheesy and corny, but that's what comes to mind when I look at you. Not that I think you're cool, although I would lie if I said I would not do that .. "what the hell am I saying? "... But that you're beautiful. Pretty. All right breathtaking to finally meet each stereotype. "Okay, I can not stop naja, dann mal weiter in den Gegenverkehr, Gaspedal durchdrücken. „Versteh mich nicht falsch, dass ist kein Angebot oder eine Frage, weil ich weiß das zwischen uns nichts sein wird, es sei denn du bist komplett geschmacksverirrt und wahnsinnig. Aber du hast mich nun mal gefragt und ich Antworte. Tanja du bist eine Person die mich wahnsinnig macht. Ich kann nicht aufhören dich anzusehen. Wenn du lächelst und ich mein dein ehrliches Lächeln, möchte ich aufschreien, weil es mit das tollste ist, was ich je gesehen habe. Das ist so wunderbar ehrlich und deshalb so hübsch. Auch wenn das jetzt klingt als wäre ich ein oberflächlicher Typ, dem einfach nur dein wunderhübsches Äußeres gefällt, muss ich das verneinen.“ Now I can look at them no more, I look back on the beer, which label I scrape off the side. "I do not know if you can say I love you, but I have a crush in any case. If not with you, because then with whom else? Never before has someone so impressed me very much. You are a fascinating person and mean to me in the short time that I know you took more than I thought that I could mean anyone. "
She says not a word, she took me in between tried a few times to interrupt, but I I just speak on. Idiot. Almost a minute passes, one minute in which I can not look at her and no one says a word. One last time I try to scrape together my courage, but there is nobody around. In the film, I would now try to kiss her.
I look up slowly. Still looking for a little bit of chutzpah in my heart, in order to complete what I started. I look into her eyes. In their view is clear emotion, I can not see everything. I breathe deeply. And then drink the entire rest of the beer in one gulp.
I get up, whispered softly: "Good night" and I move towards the door. On my way to just get the first car, I search the area from my eyes after Leppert. Not at all.
I sit on the passenger seat of my creamy white Citroen. Crank it down much, turn the radio on, put my sunglasses auf die auf dem Armaturenbrett liegt, lehne mich zurück und schließe die Augen. Alles was ich denke ist: „Fuckfuckfuckfuckfuckfuckfuckfuckfuckfuckfuck….“

Fortsetzung folgt

Amn. d. Autors: Ich muss mich wieder langsam rantasten, also gibts erstmal Häppchen.


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