Saturday, December 26, 2009

Ringworm From A Tattoo

Fresh Wind

As so often happens, the daily has had with its rituals, repetitions and commitments many good ideas slip back into oblivion. But you're there and makes sure that I am motivated again to go into the next round. The case was @ buchmamsell which asked the question ...

Now you: THE intent. New Year. You know. How is he? I hate to say this even further * g *

On such a call you can rub it all good, right? I am in any event the challenge and return to the original idea of \u200b\u200bthis blog:

☆ @ buchmamsell do every day, something I had previously not done yet or a long time! # Vorsatz2010

The time between the years, the rough nights, I always like to use a little to do research in myself to relive things to consider. As might arise in the coming days a list of things that can be implemented in the new year. I'm curious. And if you have good ideas: Bring it on!


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