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A adulation on Rainald Grebe

All who know me to be the basis of the time which is under the post itself together can rhyme and for loyal readers, if I have something like that, there will be no surprise. Again I have slept a little less than the Durchschnittsbär. In order to get back into a normal rhythm, it is necessary to create the day. Strangely, whenever I'm actually too tired to write something, I get enormous pleasure out. Since the Stephen King
adulation, I've toyed with the idea to do something more often.
I am also a private annoying of the kind of person that everyone always what needs to recommend. No matter what it is. Literature, movies, music, comics, etc. I will always help all know and love certain things and to learn and can be very annoying. I think I would be a terrible father. Uncle, I am already. The poorest do me now sorry.
I digress.
Well, I like to talk to my recommendations, and very one-sided and really meaningless hymn of praise to Stephen King, I have decided now to you, dear internet community, Rainald Grebe to try.
So you have below my personal opinion to Mr. Grebe read and above all lots of good reasons for him at least once to give a chance. And when I finally got the "After the Jump" feature gefunden habe, gibts unter "Ja, ich will." also nun die gesamte Rainald Grebe Lobhudelei zu lesen.

"Für jede verlorene Stunde hacke ich mir einen Finger ab.
Für jede verlorene Woche eine Hand ab.
Menschen, Menschen, Menschen, die wollen immer alles auf einmal.
Gleich mit dem Schädel durch die Tapete.
Oh Margarethe, dass alles gibt kein klares Bild, was gäbe ich dafür?
Tschuldigung, Tschuldigung, ich hab nur eine Hose.
Was kann denn ich dafür, die Tagesschau macht mit mir Osmose."
Rainald Grebe - Faust (Abschiedskonzert)

Rainald Grebe einer Kategorie zuzuordnen, würde dem Gesamtkunstwerk nicht gerecht werden. Er ist Schauspieler, Kabarettist, Musiker und Autor. Ich kann nicht genau einschätzen wie bekannt er mittlerweile ist, aber egal wie bekannt, es ist nicht bekannt genug.

Rainald Grebe ist völlig zurecht Gewinner verschiedenster Auszeichnungen. Vom Prix Pantheon, über den Deutschen Kleinkunspreis, bis hin zum Bayrischen Kabarettpreis.
Er ist kein typischer Künstler, den man mit zwei bis drei Youtube-Videos vorstellen könnte. Ich werde natürlich trotzdem unter diesen Eintrag welche verlinken. Es verschafft zumindest einen ersten Eindruck.
Dabei muss allerdings bedacht werden, dass dieser gerade mal the surface of an artist is, as I have seen him in this complexity in the German speaking countries before. In addition, I will often speak of "depth" and possible "interpretations" but cited no specific examples. I will not make any hypothesis-based reasoning, as I think is the confrontation with Grebe's works is a very personal depending on the understanding of culture, its own unique characteristics or personal preferences, they can be interpreted differently conceivable.

Grebe combines great musical talent, a gifted way with the German language in both the musical and comedic Field work around, including great rhetoric, a strong power of observation, in view of the world in which we move and a high-contrast, for cynicism embossed sense of humor.
This artist is not just "funny" or "not funny".
Grebe's works are characterized by meta-levels, symbolism, metaphor and an enormous linguistic variety. Grebe
I have called first for me as "Willy Astor with message" but also makes nowhere near the heart of the matter and will not do justice to both. To define it is in my opinion does not, one can only try to approximate the basis of a description.
But this inaccessibility, some program excerpts and songs are, after all, just curious if you heard it the first time, makes it hard to recommend someone Rainald. Of course, he also has
right "popular songs", songs like "Brandenburg", "Dorte" or "differences" do not require sophisticated interpretation to piss about it until you everything hurts. But this interpretation is possible even with the slightly more accessible works perfectly.

"... The East Germans are lazy and do only lament
The Westerners rejoice permanent
Easterners are also attracted much worse
The look so shitty
nice that it still recognizes the"
Rainald Grebe - Differences (Rainald Grebe and The Chapel of Reconciliation)

These "popular song" are just one part of a bigger Grebe. "Mass Compatible", "coins and notes," There is no real life in the wrong "or" Let the seeds in the olive "reveal a completely different side of the artist.
course, they are still humorous and tongue in cheek, some to throw away funny, but at the same time convey a feeling, tell a story or describe a part of society.
These descriptions are exemplary in their way, of course, and describe stereotypes, but it works precisely because Grebe excellent observation.
Everyone knows at least one pair of the "Thirty Years' couple 'or a' mediocre Klaus"? There are characters that we all met before flirting in some cases when you look in the mirror, by what Grebe.

"Dirk has a colorful shirt on and was everywhere,
he says things like:" Asia is not my case.
Asia is totally overrun. "
Rainald Grebe - Thirty year old Couple (folk music)

addition to the" evergreens "and the" deeper "levels, there is the third category. The total chaos. They give the first and the second time apparently heard no sense. They have a strong associative, heterogeneous and sometimes even bizarre.
Works "Faust", "Wellness Hotel", "LSD", "Personals" or "family gold," have left me at first with a pronounced what-the-fuck? Feeling.
Specifically fist, I'm still not really interpret. I am of the opinion that you just have to accept.
First there is the interpretation of Grebe works well in principle, no "wrong" or "right". It has a lot to do with the personal associations and experiences. Furthermore, one must come to terms with the fact that some sentences can not easily understand. You can still in their strangeness, or the paradox enjoy, but to "understand" completely? I think one can check off.
But once you accept that and is willing to engage in this man, in his supposed madness, watching the strange cryptic songs the best. You hear over and over again and discovering new references, interpreted this or that set for itself at once, brand new, so the whole song appears in a different light.

"My name is Louis and I'm an ostrich.
I see from afar, unable to fly out.
I am a bird can not fly.
For me God has geschludert. Man, man, man, man."
Rainald Grebe - LSD (1968)

Now I have written two pages alone of his work as a music and feel as if I had not yet lived up to. Rainald Grebe

programs consist not only of music. Even the "filler" between songs, the little anecdotes and narratives, his songs in every way. "Doctor Fox" and "I am a weekend seminar" are extremely intelligent and funny little word games with more depth than the first time can imagine hearing. These trips will
verbal Grebe complexity significantly. The flexibility in the level, which is reflected in many songs, if it breaks taboos supposed at first seems crude and inappropriate, in my opinion, but both self-parody, and parody of the genre "Comedy", ie, Dadaist, and a mirror for the audience, who still laughs heartily. Rainald Grebe
rises but never his index finger, it can be program itself completely without reflection and that's called on the audience. It is actively involved in hindsight, because you are forced, if there is an interest, to really deal with these works when they are at least wants to look close.
The only time that I Rainald Grebe on commercial TV during prime-time saw was a total disastrous TV appearance. I do not know what it was exactly, but it just did not work. He sat with his Indian jewelry at the piano and could not do anything with the audience and this is nothing to him.
There was little laughter, just a muted applause.

"I am the man at the piano, the piano man.
I may be thousands beautiful songs, all of which are not mine.
I always say art and ability and not on shit,
my aunt has the cheesecake not invented, but always liked baked "
Rainald Grebe - piano man (The Hong Kong concert)

Personally, I" Global Fish, Grebe, unfortunately so far only novel, really helped me adjust to the frequency of this exceptional artist. I do not want much comment on the book, it is beyond the scope, but have to admit it (of course) to have not fully understood. Thomas Blum's journey is to me in many places is still a mystery, and despite all the difficulties (the writing style is similar Grebe Humor nothing "in between"), I love to read it and will do it again.

One could say more to his qualities as a writer or musician, able, above all about his feeling for slow rising melodies and the perfect used German language, but because I lack the competence to the in words.

"This went on for months now and there was no end in sight. July was already, soon came the August and at issue yet! For half a year, I planned this August, all meticulously as I was planning the big trip to the school. The most important and longest journey in the life of a young man. First of all I have started planning "
Rainald Grebe -.. Global Fish

conclusion must again be said that I of all people on this planet, Rainald Grebe only heartily put your heart into this artist is capable of seeing a to be proud of everyday life with different eyes.
He manages to show what in our society and in dealing with each other wrong. I really think that people internalized the songs Grebe have the opportunity to change. To become aware of things whose importance never diminished, but because of our competitive society are pushed into the background. He is also capable of telling great stories and every one of us directly to speak in some moments from the soul. Rainald Grebe
is the company from a mind-altering perspective. This is not always beautiful, but damn funny and often important in Grebe's case.

That was it as I'm here, here are a few examples of Youtube.
Greetings kazper


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