Saturday, March 6, 2010

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"Keeping the spirit of a beginner"

The fullness of life lies in the experience of the present moment, in the now, but too often we are even in the way of that experience. We see nothing as it really is, because we all constantly put on by our preconceived notions. We assume that our ordinary view is of course the only correct and are completely blind to the extraordinary diversity, also the 'ordinary' things is inherent. To see the richness of the moment, we must develop the mind of the beginner, that is to win an attitude of openness that is willing to see everything as if it would be the first time (...) try this attitude with the help of an experiment to develop in your everyday life. If you take for example the next time a friend, ask yourself how well you really know him if you see him without bias, that is the way it is, or whether you see mainly the projection of their thoughts in him. The same reasoning do you use for your children, your partner, work colleagues, your dog or Her cat, and finally in specific problem cases. You can also ask yourself whether you see the sky, the stars, the trees, the water and the stones really as they are, that is, with a clear mind that is free from the myriad distortions of his habits, whether whether they perceive it through the filter of their expectations, experiences and opinions.

(from: Jon Kabat-Zinn.. Annoying health through meditation, Frankfurt aM 2009 (7th ed) page 49f


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