Friday, February 4, 2011

Internet Transmitting Antenna

Schubert-Oktett, Fr 4. Februar 2011, Box

" Spira Mirabilis "is the name for a logarithmic spiral, ie a special form of the spiral, which the distance with each rotation around its center by the same factor increased. no matter how big it is, the individual points of the "miracle spiral" are, simply put, always in the same relationship to each other. The situation is similar with the ensemble Spira Mirabilis that its has made name for the program: no difference is in what formation played, whether in chamber music ensembles or orchestra to the symphonic repertoire - the spirit of ensemble and the way how a factory will be developed and interpreted, remains there forever. the musicians are members of major European orchestras and ensembles. Spira Mirabilis find when they team up as a very special together to make music. plus Q &!


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