Sunday, February 21, 2010

Why Does Ovechkin Use Ccm

Preventive obituary

Hm, difficult the whole thing. Here is a very very personal contribution but somehow I have to write something. And I have to publish on the Internet. Why? I really have no idea.
I'm just the urge to write to what and why you should write something if no one ever reads it? Would be complete nonsense. So out with it. Sale emotional, personal Full prostitution with all the trimmings. As the morning on television.
What the heck is going on? Actually a trivial matter, something that happens all the time everywhere and what have thousands of people moaning, crying and sobbing, and just as many have made fun of.
The cat with whom I grew up for 17 years will die. I mean, that is true of course, I will also, will you, and even Obama will eventually reach the clearing of the path. For my (meaning not possessive) cat is likely to turn to stop the world tomorrow. No fear, here is now no "she was like a sister", "it was really important to me," she was part of the family "stuff. This applies to all
although, it must be said, however, unnecessary, and particularly trite as Last Christmas in December. I would much more easily deal with it and articulate a few thoughts about this being who was for me has always been part of my life.
I mean, she is 17 years old, a good, wide age for cats and of course it has been always good.
But even as it begins. Has she always had it for good?
We have never beaten, neglected, mistreated or the like.
We have just locked up.
I did when I was eight, brought from a farm holiday.
I'm torn away from her family and imprisoned in an apartment. Why? From selfishness. Because I wanted a cat.
We lived in an apartment building on the second floor, in front of a relatively busy road.
No chance they could get out. We also have a cat leash never contemplated, because that's so silly looking. So we have an animal that had no problems in any emergency situation or the like, put out of his familiar surroundings and, above all, freedom of smart, just to lock them up in our home.
I do not deny that she was fine with us. But she felt better than it had fared in the wild?
These and such questions I ask myself. This one lands forcibly the egoism of the human spirit. Tomorrow we will decide that it should not go it better, we sleep "so they do not torture."
How foolish, how rude, just dictatorial. However
will it be so. I know because they would go so compliant? Of course not.
Do I know that she's better when she's dead? Because you almost have to laugh, is she even still in some way? If she had a human-like consciousness, they would do at all of us praised the redemption?
So why is it put to sleep? Because WE do not see how she torments herself.
Just like the one at its worst Death is that their existence for U.S. ends.
WE do not want this cat die because they will no longer have cats. That does not change my existing feelings for that animal and the emotional bond. However, it leaves a bitter aftertaste.
What I really want? I will only believe in my own way I say goodbye and I deal with it.
It is not about simple Rumgeheule. I am well aware that many people who are involved with a lot worse.
I also know that it's only a pet and I write and my only. Because it simply for "having" a pet is that it eventually dies. This is the entire process of owning pets. Besides, I is the reduced value of the life of a pet more than aware. It would be extremely hypocritical of me as a predator and would like to cynics that to lift all now on a different level than the death of a simple cat. And though all this to me is mentally perfectly clear and change it to remain so. Does the emotional level is different. So the time is now and so it goes all the pets have a dying.
This is not articulate about grief, but to put up with the realities apart. Really to mourn a pet in public, I would never presume. There is so much worse things and so many people have to bear the heavier loads that it would be silly to sit here and whine for the Internet community on a dead cat.
Rather it is an act of self-healing. Not least, the realization of the situational context. All a bit of palaver to self-deception. The
is complete.
Each of the reads must feel like to be exploited.

No more preventive
rest in peace


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