Wednesday, February 25, 2009

How To Remove Double Stick Tape From Walls Ikea

Idea No.16 - something completely crazy machen und dich lebendig fühlen

The idea that inspired me today, I discovered in my advent calendar (see below). There, namely the following proposal is related to:

"Once in a lifetime should increase each in the evening gown in a fountain and feel like a übermüti GE goddess."

This may not be for everyone ... but this proposal could potentially bring up their own ideas. Finally, the vast majority of people never dare to do something. It is important to leave the beaten path, to feel alive. Or even as a "wanton goddess! In situations that give you the feeling to be gray and worn, you will help the memory of this experience to be back and happy colors! And if you try it out or something like that there have also done this before ... Write it here and bring others a good idea!

D e r Other Advent. Other times, Hamburg 2008 eV


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