Friday, October 31, 2008

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Filmvorführung und Podiumsdiskussion in Wien

In cooperation with the magazine Juridikum OKTO and we hereby invite you to a free movie screening of "Every Step You Take ", followed by a panel discussion on video surveillance in Austria .

be represented at the podium, Dr. Gregory King of the Data Protection Commission Prof. radio from the Institute for Constitutional Law, another panelist from the "practice of video surveillance" and Nino Leitner, director of the film. Will be chaired by Fritz Kalteis.

One can look forward to a controversial discussion!
Finally in light of recent developments in Austria .

The discussion will be recorded and, together with the film in early 2009 OKTO in an edition of the program "Oktoskop" broadcast.

And also: Afterwards there's also a buffet :-)

Wednesday 5 November 2008
19:00 law school, Scots 10-16, 1010 Vienna
U10 Auditorium, Faculty of Law

For those who know the film already: Panel discussion at about 20:00.

We look forward to your many of you there!


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