Thursday, July 26, 2007

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Britische Premiere am Cambridge Film Festival 2007

EVERY STEP YOU TAKE was on 12 July 2007 its British premiere at the 27th Cambridge Film Festival , and it was a great success - he became the ten most popular films of the festival .

director Nino Leitner was after the screening on 12 July for a question and answer session is available. He was drawn into discussions about the film with a very critical and interested audience.

This question-answer session was videotaped, and is here with us now available:

"I am delighted to have been invited to this prestigious event, one of the UK's largest film festival, The. This documentary has finally reached its target audience, the British public. The feedback was great, a very educated audience. " notes director Nino Leitner.

"I think the film could actually help some fresh views on the controversial topic of CCTV, which is discussed in the British media has neither sufficient nor balanced."

"Ich fand es atemberaubend, wie Filmemacher-freundlich und persönlich mit uns am Festival umgegangen wurde, so etwas habe ich vorher noch nicht erlebt. Ich hoffe, irgendwann wieder beim Cambridge Film Festival eingeladen zu werden."

Bitte besuchen Sie die offizielle Website des 27th Cambridge Film Festivals für Details und das offizielle Programm. Hier finden Sie den offiziellen Festival-Eintrag auf der Website. Und hier können Sie das offizielle Festival-Programm downloaden , der Eintrag von EVERY STEP YOU TAKE ist auf Seite 46 oder gleich hier .

Vorführtermin war Donnerstag, 12. Juli 16:30 in Arts Picturehouse in Cambridge.

And here, finally, a promotional interview with Nino Leitner, the front of the "Every Step You Take" Premiere shot at the CFF of a team member of the festival:


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