Saturday, March 3, 2007

Itching Legs After Pedicure

3sat and ORF television reports online

This TV film was the 13th March to 22:25 on 3Sat under the program "News from the Austrian film presents.

The show will be repeated at a later stage in the ORF (dates to be announced).

"Every Step You Take" is celebrating its original English version on the DIAGONALE 07 at the Graz 21.3. its premiere (see below).

This mini-portrait was on 22.3.2007 at 22:50 as part of the consignment - sent to ORF1 "shorts and skirts the long night of short films. Nino Leitner, with his short film " time out" which is fully in place in 36 hours, the " Shorts on Screen 07 " won the competition for the province of Tyrol.


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