Monday, January 1, 2007

What's The Largest An Email Attachent Should Be

For the film, interviews were conducted with the following people: Director's Statement

• Professor Clive Norris (University of Sheffield, Department of Sociological Studies, Deputy Director of the Centre for Criminological Research)

• Barry Hugill (spokesman for Liberty , the largest civil rights organization in Britain)

Andy Trotter (Deputy Chief Constable, British Transport Police)

• Professor Lars Mosesson Solent ( University, Southampton, Law Institute)

• Mark Smith (manager of public video surveillance, Southampton City Council )

• Dr. Hans Zeger (Austria's leading privacy advocates, chairman of the Working Data)

Robert Rotfier (Austrian journalist and musician living in England since 1997)

• Paul Smith (Chairman of the Scotland-based Safe Speed \u200b\u200bCampaign )

• James Morris (CEO of the Shoreditch Digital Bridge allows residents of the London borough of Hackney alia, access to public CCTV cameras aus ihrer Gegend über ihr Fernsehgerät)

• Robert Gifford (Executive Director des britischen Parliamentary
Advisory Council for Transport Safety, PACTS

• Professor Dr. Clive Bloom (emeritus Professor für Englisch und Amerikanistik, außerordentlicher Professor an der University of Notre Dame (London), Autor von "Violent London" und anderen Bestsellern)


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