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Nino Leitner

Vienna / Innsbruck

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Nino Leitner is a director and artist, born and raised in Innsbruck. He completed his master's degree MultiMediaArt at the University of Salzburg 2006. His fifth Semester he studied as an exchange student in "Film Studies" course at the Solent University in England.

During the half year in England was the 15-minute short version of the documentary "Every Step You Take" of the ever-present in the UK video surveillance in public space and still be considered a critical objective. Nino was the director in the five-member production team, which included also Grkinic Gregory, a fellow student from Salzburg, two other exchange students from Spain as a producer and a "regular" student at Solent University. The international perspective in the film was therefore a matter of course.
The one-hour long version of the document goes much further explain the background and provides a comparison with Austria, which is gradually increased for some time, the public video surveillance. Nino brought the movie to his diploma project, and worked almost a year with a new team to further research and new interviews to give the topic finally an appropriate form.

Other works include the areas of video, film and photography. Already his first short films were some notice for international video festivals, such as "Where you happy?", "Panta", "Mind the Bag" and "artist-lesson". The music video "Mrs. Brain Shaker "for the Austrian pop group" Urban Ego "(in collaboration with Alexander Schönauer and Ivica Putnik) and" together Kualala Lumpur "for the equally successful band Hotchpotch ( Ivica Putnik) provided, inter alia, on several occasions for GoTV sensation. Nino also created several commercials with Stefan Fleig.

operates as a subsidiary occupation for Nino Gerda Eichholzer photography in Innsbruck and Munich. There he has been collecting for many years running through various activities such as setting light of experience as a photographer and cameraman. His photographic skills, he's already several times with works like "The Great Masters" (were simulated in the classical paintings in the studio with models) to the test.

In the summer of 2004 he did an internship in film, sound, and DVD production company Solid Sound Productions "in Hall in Tirol. There he brought his skills, for example in the creation and implementation of animations and menu designs for DVD's production.

2005 Nino completed a multi-month internship at "Novotny & Novotny Filmproduktion" in Vienna, known for both advertising and feature films. He was active mainly in the advertising department and was able to bring his wide range of abilities varied.

Nino Leitner also produces commercial video work, but tried to put in all the films in his own ideas. Furthermore, he operated continuously as a cameraman on films by other students. After the enthusiastic work on "Every Step You Take" tried Nino, cooperate in a highly professional international documentary productions. Nino currently lives and works in Vienna.


SHORTS ON SCREEN 2007 (category Tirol) of the ORF (Austrian Broadcasting) Short Film Award for "time out"
MUVI Award 2006 "BEST MUSIC VIDEO" (the "culture laboratory Stromboli ") for " Hotchpotch - Kualala Lumpur "


• EVERY STEP YOU TAKE in DIAGONALE 07 (19th-25th March 2007) -. competing for the BIG DOCUMENTARY AWARD, finalist for the AUDIENCE AWARD
OUT - to ORF1 (Austrian Broadcasting), Thursday, 22 March 2007, 22:55 " shorts and skirts - the long night of short films "
• Presentation of EVERY STEP YOU TAKE, including interview with Nino Leitner at "News from the Austrian film" on 13/03/2007 at 22:25 3Sat, and the repetition of ORF2 on 01/04/2007 at 23:45.
• " Tirol Today" on 03/04/2007 at 19:00 in ORF2 - long interview with Nino Leitner and presentation of EVERY STEP YOU TAKE on the occasion of the high audience rating in the DIAGONALE 07th


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